Reading Hospital

Reading Hospital Main Campus

Reading Hospital Campus

Located in the friendly West Reading area, the main campus of Reading Hospital stands as its own little community and offers a variety of amenities that make working here every day a pleasure. Take a look at some of the places that our employees have selected as their favorite spots.

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“My favorite places for enjoying lunch are the courtyard near the employee cafeteria and the new Counter Clockwise Café, which serves Starbucks.”

Crista, Nutrition Hostess

“The exercise hut is a great feature because of its easy access. I especially like the fact that all of the cardio units have a TV monitor attached so you can exercise and watch your favorite shows. The time flies by!”

Sharon, Department of Medicine

“I enjoy the fellowship on campus and being able to interact with other professionals. My favorite place is the library because I am able to work on my school work or quietly unwind for a while with a book.”

Anne Marie, Administrative Assistant

“I love walking through the hallways and seeing the artwork, especially the old black-and-white hospital photos from many years ago. It is amazing to see what the hospital used to look like and how much it has grown!”

Dana, Lead Radiologic Technologist/OR

“I very much enjoy having lunch in the courtyard outside our cafeteria. The hospital has gone to great lengths to create a relaxing environment, with flourishing flowers and foliage all around. It offers an inviting escape.”

Holly, Clinical Laboratory Scientist

“The grounds here are lovely all year round. I appreciate the blend of the old with the new. My favorite is the coffee in the Tower Café and the outside eating areas by the cafeteria and Patio Grill.”

Audrey, Director of Midwifery Services and OB Triage