Reading Hospital

Get the professional support you need from day one.

New Graduate Programs

Whether you’re new to nursing, or you've worked in the profession for a while, we know that you will do better if you have the resources you need to excel. That’s why Reading Hospital has established our Nurse Residency Program. This residency is ideal for those who need to get a little more acclimated with the profession.

The Nurse Residency Program offers:

  • A wide range of learning experiences, including lectures, hands-on practical care, skills labs, group activities, and clinical development
  • Discussions about topics like patient advocacy, service recovery, pastoral care, palliative care, and risk management
  • Peer discussion groups for sharing experiences and nurturing a sense of belonging

Reading Hospital is fully invested in your personal and professional growth and development.

“In August of 2012, I lost my boyfriend to leukemia. I can truly say that being here with him in the hospital showed me a whole new perspective and has changed me as a nurse. I've learned to be more understanding, informative, and caring. Putting myself in the patient’s shoes really helps me be a better nurse. I am inspired every day to try and make the stay of the patients and their family members the best and most pleasant I can make it. Keeping them informed and listening is very important. I always picture someone I love in the hospital bed while caring for patients.”

Samantha, Registered Nurse and New Graduate