Reading Hospital

Take your skills to a higher level.

Growth and Development

At Reading Hospital, ongoing education is simply a part of our environment. As an academically affiliated teaching hospital, we place a strong emphasis on training, in an overall atmosphere of clinical inquiry and discovery. Using a defined process that helps you identify and achieve your goals, you can continually expand your knowledge, explore your interests, and advance your career.

While specific programs may vary between different disciplines, we generally offer the following types of learning and development experiences:

  • Experiential opportunities to diversify and deepen your knowledge
  • On-the-job variety and exposure to new medical advances and challenging cases
  • Potential to participate in clinical research studies and trials
  • Many avenues for day-to-day learning and teaching
  • Potential for crossover between departments and clinical programs
  • Generous sponsorship of continuing education programs (CEUs)
  • Clinical career ladders
  • Tuition reimbursement program
Reading Hospital employee training program