Reading Hospital

See what it’s like to work at the forefront of medicine.

Medical Imaging Careers

Behind our state-of-the-art medical imaging equipment is a team of highly skilled professionals. You won’t find big egos in the Medical Imaging Department. Our staff works together to provide the best care and the most accurate diagnostic information.

Because Reading Hospital utilizes emerging technology on a regular basis, our medical imaging staff has a unique advantage over their industry peers. They get to work in an environment that promotes continuing education and fosters inspiration, every day. They also work in a place that offers flexible scheduling, tuition assistance, and career advancement opportunities.

“I chose Reading Hospital to start my career because of all the opportunities that are offered to medical imaging professionals. It is definitely appealing knowing there are various work environments to be part of, whether it's in the hospital, urgent care facilities, or even at an outpatient center. The different working conditions help with professional growth and versatility.”

Rebecca, CT Technologist