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Our Reading Hospital Recruitment Teams

Meet Our Talent Acquisition Team

Our Reading Hospital Talent Acquisition Team handles all recruitment for Reading Hospital, Reading Rehabilitation Hospital, and Reading-affiliated offices within the Tower Health Medical Group, except for Physicians and Advanced Level Practitioners such as Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Midwives, and CRNAs. If you have questions regarding employment with Reading Hospital, please contact any member of the Recruitment Team listed below. We are more than happy to talk with you about employment with Reading Hospital.

Reading Hospital recruiter profile: Gretchen Adams, Vice President of Talent Acquisition

Gretchen Adams

Vice President, Talent Acquisition

Phone: 484-628-5035, Fax: 610-288-4378

Christina Bare


Phone: 484-628-6148

Kathleen Bisbee


Phone: 484-877-4373
Reading Hospital recruiter profile: Melanie Bolkovich, Recruiter

Melanie Bolkovich


Phone: 484-628-5590, Fax: 484-628-4606
Reading Hospital recruiter profile: Maureen Carroll, Senior Recruiter

Maureen Carroll

Senior Recruiter

Phone: 484-628-5440, Fax: 484-628-8436
Reading Hospital recruiter profile: Karen Castaneda, Recruiter

Karen Castaneda

Systems Administrator, Talent Acquisition

Phone: 484-628-9083, Fax: 484-345-2394

Lies Castillo


Phone: 484-628-6658
Reading Hospital recruiter profile: Michael D’Angelo, Sourcer, Talent Acquisition

Michael D’Angelo

Sourcer, Talent Acquisition

Phone: 484-513-4667

Reading Hospital recruiter profile: Melinda Dankanich, Manager of Talent Acquisition

Melinda Dankanich

Manager, Talent Acquisition

Phone: 484-628-8868, Fax: 484-628-4606

Lori Dougherty

Senior Recruiter

Phone: 484-628-6590

Morgan Farley


Phone: 484-628-9121
Reading Hospital recruiter profile: Amanda Frankhouser, Recruiter

Amanda Frankhouser


Phone: 484-628-4552, Fax: 484-628-4606
Reading Hospital recruiter profile: Ellyn Kershner, Recruiter

Ellyn Kershner


Phone: 484-628-4996, Fax: 484-628-4606
Reading Hospital recruiter profile: Danielle Mock, HR Generalist

Danielle Mock

HR Generalist

Phone: 484-628-4607, Fax: 484-628-4606

Emily Mueller

Contract Recruiter

Phone: 484-269-1297

Sandra Schwartz

Contract Recruiter

Phone: 484-628-8748

Kiana Vega

Systems Specialist, Talent Acquisition

Phone: 484-628-4584
Reading Hospital recruiter profile: Cheryl Zaorski, Senior Recruiter

Cheryl Zaorski

Senior Recruiter

Phone: 484-628-8575, Fax: 484-628-4606

Our Medical Staff Recruitment team is ready to help you become a valued member of our medical staff. We are happy to arrange collegial interviews and facility tours, as well as provide assistance with credentialing requirements and relocation.

Reading Hospital recruiter profile: Sara Billinger, Coordinator of Physician Recruitment

Sara Billinger

Coordinator, Physician Recruitment

Phone: 484-628-3830
Reading Hospital recruiter profile: Beth A. Calabria, Manager of Physician Recruitment

Beth Calabria

Senior Medical Staff Recruiter

Phone: 484-628-6714
Reading Hospital recruiter profile: Robert Cross, Medical Staff Recruiter

Robert Cross

Medical Staff Recruiter II

Phone: 484-628-8551

Christopher David

Medical Staff Recruiter

Phone: 484-628-5413

Ellen Delgado

Medical Staff Recruiter

Phone: 610-334-3394
Reading Hospital recruiter profile: Karli Evans, Coordinator of Physician Onboarding

Karli Evans

Coordinator, Physician Onboarding

Phone: 484-628-0557
Reading Hospital recruiter profile: Cynthia Fiorito, MSR Sourcer

Cynthia Fiorito

MSR Sourcer

Phone: 484-628-6737

Christine Kiely

Physician Recruitment Coordinator

Phone: 484-628-6399
Reading Hospital recruiter profile: Brittany Kulp, Senior Medical Staff Recruiter

Brittany Kulp

Senior Medical Staff Recruiter

Phone: 484-388-1552
Reading Hospital recruiter profile: Carrie Moore, Medical Staff Recruiter

Carrie Moore

Medical Staff Recruiter

Phone: 484-628-8153
Reading Hospital recruiter profile: Ken Nichols, Director of Physician Recruitment

Ken Nichols

Senior Medical Staff Recruiter

Phone: 484-628-6581

Sharon Selah

System Director, MSR

Phone: 484-628-5154

Lisa Wortman

Medical Staff Recruiter

Phone: 484-628-0556
Reading Hospital recruiter profile: Ashley Reaser, Physician Recruitment Coordinator

Ashley Reaser

Physician Recruitment Coordinator

Phone: 484-628-4562

Compliance Team

Reading Hospital recruiter profile: Lori Fidler, HR Compliance Specialist

Lori Fidler

HR Compliance Specialist

Phone: 484-628-4834, Fax: 484-628-4606
Reading Hospital recruiter profile: Karen Fiscus, Onboarding and HR Compliance Manager

Karen Fiscus

Onboarding and HR Compliance Manager

Phone: 484-628-5033, Fax: 484-628-8436

Heather Glass

HR Compliance Specialist

Phone: 484-628-2390

Kristen Halvin

HR Compliance Specialist

Phone: 484-628-6716

Elizabeth Hunsicker

HR Compliance Specialist

Phone: 484-628-5903

Joanne Keller

HR Compliance Specialist

Phone: 484-628-4807

Sydney Teague

HR Compliance Specialist

Phone: 484-628-6069