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Rehabilitation Careers

The experienced rehabilitation team of Reading Hospital understands what our patients are going through. Providing the best quality care possible, our rehabilitation professionals go above and beyond to help patients accept and overcome the realities that come with illness, birth defects, and injuries. Each location and setting provides various services to help our patients meet their therapy goals.

Wyomissing Plaza – Outpatient Therapy

Speech and Hearing Center: Here, speech pathologists specialize in treating children, and audiologists specialize in pediatric audiology, as well as serving adults. Audiologists and speech pathologists support the Cochlear Implant and Cleft Palate teams.

Hand Therapy and Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy: Outpatient Therapy Rehabilitation offers the Balance/Vestibular Program designed to thoroughly evaluate the origin of balance/vestibular symptoms and assess eye, head, and body movement, as well as balance and gait.

Reading Hospital Rehabilitation at Wyomissing

Our Rehabilitation Clinic offers a variety of services, including: Activities of Daily Living; cognitive skills; modality therapy; neurodevelopmental training; orthotics/splints; perceptual motor training; positioning; ROM exercises; sensory re-education; strength testing and exercises; wound care; and more.

Outpatient Therapy services includes: adult speech therapy for aphasias, cognitive remediation, and dysphagia; aquatic therapy; driver safety screening; hand therapy; lymphedema therapy; neuropsychology; occupational therapy; physical therapy; and ultraviolet therapy.

Reading Hospital

Inpatient Therapy/Acute Care responds to Med/Surg, ED, Psychiatry, NICU, and ICU units, taking a protocol approach to stroke, total joint replacement, COPD, and heart failure patients. We offer treatment in four satellite gyms and have a computerized referral system, as well as an active student program.

“Since I started at Reading Hospital, I've grown as a therapist. In less than four years, I've been able to earn a doctorate and a brain injury specialist certification (both of which were paid for by the hospital). But, just as important, each day, I'm learning something new from my co-workers.”

Kevin, Doctor of Physical Therapy